Solar energy is the oldest form of energy in the world. It evokes visions of gleaming solar panels and complicated technology that miraculously converts the life giving rays of sun into energy that we use as electricity


From the initial site survey, right through Design, Engineering, Supply, Project management and Installation, with Twikon each part of your journey will be supported by the industry’s leading professionals and solutions.


Solar PV System is the fastest growing, affordable energy source in the world, offering an unlimited supply of clean, safe and renewable assets for heat and power. As solar PV System costs rapidly declining, it has become a very inexpensive and practical option.


Solar energy is most sought today in developing countries, the fastest growing segment of the photovoltaic market. Our procurement team will help you understand your requirements and deliver a quality installation.


Solar energy for commercial buildings are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. The consumption of power in a Commercial building during the day time is greater than that of the night time and they pay highest price per unit of electricity from the grid.


Industrial Sector consumes 40% of electricity in India. Most of the industries utilize other energy sources such as DG for backup which further increase cost of energy. With increase in energy demand, the contracted load of industries have increased leading to higher fixed demand charges.

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