Opt Solar, Save Energy

From the initial site survey, right through Design, Engineering, Supply, Project management and Installation, with Twikon each part of your journey will be supported by the industry’s leading professionals and solutions.

  • Solar energy is a free source of energy and extremely reliable.
  • Drastically reduces and phase out your electricity bills.
  • Accelerated depreciation benefit is tax incentive for solar power.
  • Solar energy is return on investment & increases your property value.
  • Non-polluting and protect environment.

Solar energy is most sought today in developing countries, the fastest growing segment of the photovoltaic market.

More you delay, the most you will spend money on energy bills every month. Save your money from paying high energy bills

Easy and Quick ways to Opt Solar

Roof examine & system sizing

Our experienced solar professional will schedule a visit to your place, to examine and analyze solar evaluation on what solar system suits your property and propose the ideal system dimension based upon your power consumption.

Obtaining State Govt. Permission

When you opt for solar power we get in touch with your state power distribution company to start the registration process with feasibility & net metering approval and at last to commission the solar system we arrange Net connection agreement with State Power Distribution Company.

Solar Rooftop PV System Installation

After getting approval from the state power distribution company, we install the Solar PV System on your roof and assure you the system generation warranty and system performance warranty.

Commissioning the system & Handing Over

Once the installation is completed and all approvals have been taken from State Power Distribution Company, we commission your solar rooftop PV system & hand over the system along with warranty certificates.

You can get in touch with us to understand more about installing solar roof top PV system. We are glad helping you to opt solar.

Online Monitoring

We provide our customers a tool which helps them to monitor and track the solar power generation using their mobiles.

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