Twikon, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services company, is working in the fields of Solar, Interiors and Constructions, and offers turnkey solutions. It was founded by NIT Alumni, who is young, energetic and aspiring technocrat-turned entrepreneur, who want to make a mark in their chosen field.

Climate change activism is getting strengthened against the backdrop of the global warming. Many people are turning vociferous about the dire need to change our consumerist lifestyle. They are also advocating the widespread usage of non conventional energy resources such as solar and wind power.

In India, we have the vast potential to exploit solar power as part of our climate change mitigation efforts. Twikon is one of the companies that want to take solar power to new heights to drive our society towards sustainability.

In this age of ever-increasing prosperity and fine living, a growing number of people aspire to lead comfortable lives. They want to live in good looking, swanky homes and visit gleaming and luxurious shopping malls that sport aesthetically appealing interiors.

Twikon shares these aspirations and endeavors to give them a concrete shape through its construction and interior services.

We, at Twikon, are powered by our engineering intellect and driven by a set of core values that guide us in our endeavors. Our core values have kept us customer-centric, and we go the extramile to make our clients feel delighted by our work. And, we execute all our projects with a sense of honesty, fulfilling the promises we make in their true spirit.

We have been following our core values with a missionary zeal ever since the inception of our company.

Our projects deliver enduring value to our clients providing them with the systems and structures that use state of the art technologies. And they are built to last for years to come.

Our hassle-free execution of projects leaves our clients peaceful and contented, relieving them from the stress of dealing with multiple contractors. Retaining customer loyalty has been our utmost priority and will remain the same even in the future.

We have dedicated teams that are manned by highly skilled and knowledgeable people with great design and execution intelligence. They are well versed in the latest methods and technologies that are in vogue in the fields of solar, interiors and construction.

We inspire our team members to constantly and continuously upgrade their skills to keep themselves future-ready. We are aware of the fact that inspired team members empower our business to win financially, which in turn enables us to transform the business to make it future-ready.

Our projects and solutions are smart, cost-effective and hassle free. And they are executed without any cost overruns giving our clients a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Join our mission, which endeavors to make sustainable living through solar as our core culture and aims to fulfill the aspirations of the people for a fine living through great looking buildings with stunningly beautiful interiors.

Call us to know more about our mission, our core values and how we can help you in your endeavor to lead a fine yet sustainable life.

Our vision is to be in optimal place for our customers and benchmark against existing industry and ensure quality as a part of our growth through operations and efficient resources without compromising on high standards of our products and services by selecting material and equipment which have minimal impact on environment.



Our thorough understanding of development and construction process enable us to identify challenges and solve them before they become issues. Careful analysis and clear direction are part of our business to deliver high end projects and to establish long term relationships with our customers. We achieve industry benchmarks by excelling in creative technology and environmental sustainability.


We are reliable, trustworthy and consistent. We excel in our standards and presentation of our people and services. We approach with innovative ideas to create lasting positive change and make inspiring business thrive to increase Economic value and committed to the responsibility of securing energy for future generation.


We strive for excellence by understanding our client requirements and outperform their expectations with our passion and challenges to work and take a proactive approach in getting things done and value supporting the impact and relationship we have with our clients, communities, employees and the environment. We aim to achieve success and continue to rest on reputation for excellence.


  • Passion We aim to respect and follow our vision, measure our own values and integrity with a pioneering mindset.
  • Professionalism We meet highest ethical and professional standards in the organizations for quality and innovation.
  • Opportunity Ensuring our teams are motivated, engaged and skilled to work collaboratively to create sustainable economic value.
  • Commitment We add value to the communities in which we work and provide our organization with rewarding & new opportunities.
  • Recognition We quickly earn trust and reputation for building long term relationships and following through all our commitments.
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