Envisioned to redefine the evolving world and for better living there comes the necessity of brilliance in every aspect of life to take flight in different dimensions and create sustainable environment for brilliant living.

The journey started with combination of creation, civilization and technology. These forces drove visionaries in a path of passion towards building a better world, the idea of Twikon was evolved. What was offered to us when we were nascent and what we can offer to the future, is our driving force for better community and an environment that world needs.

Science, aesthetics and practicality, the things led to passive change in the design of applied science having greater impact on civilization. Technology changes our world faster than ever and we work innovatively to develop and scale technology to ensure people and nature advancement. Innovative automation and natural energy are to introduce the new business strategy providing significant design, development and operation procedures that are uncompromising.

We connect and create the iconic structures and implement energy source solutions pioneering new technology and building the future securely to develop a culture that integrate sustainability into day to day operations.

Growing with passion in serving domestic, commercial and industrial clients with different services allow us to solve an array of energy issues in a sustainable way and deliver digitized energy by creating innovative solutions to improve productivity and empower through technology.

We aim to help global markets to secure clean natural energy for future with our in-house expertise to operate renewable energy source projects and build comprehensive constructions in wide variety of customers in public and private sectors.

At our core we excel in strong economic assessment, technical and commercial design with planning and development capabilities challenging to find follow, adapt and deliver smart solution that will play a major role in the future of global energy.

In addition to our technical quality and economic value of our projects, we aim positioning the company for continued growth with long term thinking and exceptional short term performance, at the same time providing economic benefit for the customers.

Our vision is to be in optimal place for our customers and benchmark against existing industry and ensure quality as a part of our growth through operations and efficient resources without compromising on high standards of our products and services by selecting material and equipment which have minimal impact on environment.



Our thorough understanding of development and construction process enable us to identify challenges and solve them before they become issues. Careful analysis and clear direction are part of our business to deliver high end projects and to establish long term relationships with our customers. We achieve industry benchmarks by excelling in creative technology and environmental sustainability.


We are reliable, trustworthy and consistent. We excel in our standards and presentation of our people and services. We approach with innovative ideas to create lasting positive change and make inspiring business thrive to increase Economic value and committed to the responsibility of securing energy for future generation.


We strive for excellence by understanding our client requirements and outperform their expectations with our passion and challenges to work and take a proactive approach in getting things done and value supporting the impact and relationship we have with our clients, communities, employees and the environment. We aim to achieve success and continue to rest on reputation for excellence.


  • Passion                      We aim to respect and follow our vision, measure our own values and integrity with a pioneering mindset.
  • Professionalism      We meet highest ethical and professional standards in the organizations for quality and innovation.
  • Opportunity             Ensuring our teams are motivated, engaged and skilled to work collaboratively to create sustainable economic value.
  • Commitment           We add value to the communities in which we work and provide our organization with rewarding & new opportunities.
  • Recognition              We quickly earn trust and reputation for building long term relationships and following through all our commitments.
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