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Construction Company Services in Hyderabad

Population explosion is creating demand for more residential buildings. In the same way our pursuit of livelihood opportunities has led to more commercial spaces and industrial facilities. Despite ecommerce firms gaining increasing prominence brick and mortar stores and facilities still rule the roost.

Therefore, construction industry continues to be one of the booming industries, creating wealth and opportunities for people. The industry also creates demand for construction materials such as cement, steel, commercial vehicles, thereby bringing about an overall prosperity in the entire economy. Hence, construction is a very significant industry from the standpoint of economy.

Any building – whether it is residential, commercial or corporate – must be durable, functionally well designed and aesthetically appealing.

Right from making the architectural & structural plan till the completion of the construction, everything has to be judicious and well-planned. Ensuring that there won’t be any cost escalations is also equally important.

Turnkey Construction Services

We, at Twikon, offer turnkey construction services where we execute the entire construction contract as per the prespecified criteria and for a price that is fixed at the time the contract is signed.

We execute all the work including the architectural & structural design, material procurement, construction, and building of interiors as part of our turnkey construction services.

A trademark of all our projects is their luxurious and thoughtful designs, ample greenery, and modern amenities that enhance the property’s value thus giving the customers a good return on their investments.

As part of our construction services we use three modes of operation.

  • Constructing on Own Land: Under this arrangement we procure land, construct apartments or commercial buildings and sell them to our customers.
  • Giving Landowner a Share: Under this arrangement we undertake construction on the land received from its owner and give him a pre-agreed share of flats.
  • Offering Construction Services: Under this arrangement we merely construct on someone’s land and charge for our construction services.

How Twikon Can Make a Difference?

Any major construction project is a complex thing to manage and can pose difficulties for the owner if he hires different contractors and professionals. However, a turnkey construction services provider like Twikon acts as a single point of contact and takes full responsibility for the entire construction project right from inception till the final handover.

Twikon’s construction services use state of the art technologies to visualize the elegant building designs and executes the designs through its construction services in an impeccable manner.

We have the rich expertise in designing and constructing durable and luxurious buildings of all varieties, including residential, commercial and industrial. Our sophisticated architectural & structural designs and construction abilities can breathe life into empty spaces.

Twikon doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Our construction team is made up of many dedicated professionals who bring the latest advances in construction to every project. Our commitment to quality has led to long-term relationships with clients and repeat business from them.

Whether it is a residential apartment, a commercial building or an industrial facility, our construction team delivers durable and aesthetically appealing buildings that not only meet but also exceed customer expectations.

Talk to us to know more on our turnkey construction services.

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