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Industrial Solar Installation Services

Industrial solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular in India with major industries turning towards solar power in their pursuit to reduce electricity bills and adapt sustainable business practices. These systems are increasingly used by textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy and ceramic industries to cut down their operating costs.

Electricity users in India are typically classified into three different categories-commercial, industrial and domestic consumers.

A significant percentage (around 45%) of the entire electricity generated in India is used for industrial consumption, making it one of the most important sectors with respect to electricity demand.

As electricity constitutes major variable cost for industries, industrial solar power is a way to reduce the dependence on grid power and do away with high tariff rates for the peak hours.

Heavy peak usage and large available area make solar a perfect energy solution for industries. The high load requirement and large available rooftop area compared to commercial and domestic consumers, make solar energy an attractive alternative for industries.

Going solar also enables the industries to show an increased share of renewables in their energy portfolio and meet their RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligations). Industrial firms with captive industrial solar power systems are also eligible to avail tax benefits and other incentives.

Solar power for industry can be generated from an in-house solar plant, which is also known as a captive power plant.

The solar power thus produced can be used for normal day-to-day operations of the plant including lighting, ventilation, and equipment power supply.

There are many manufacturing facilities in India, which are meeting a significant percentage of their power requirements through solar energy.

Industrial Solar Installation Process of Execution

  • Project Design:

Our design and engineering team will visit your manufacturing facility to assess your power requirements and the available space to set up the plant. Based on your requirements and resources our team will work on a project design, which will bring together an optimum mix of technology and systems, to set up an efficient and cost-effective solar power plant.

  • Setting Up the Plant:

Once approved, the engineering design is handed over to the project team, which will execute the project by procuring the required materials and setting up the plant as per the approved design.

We maintain highest standards of quality while executing the project and also deliver it to the client within the time frame agreed upon without any cost escalations.

  • Maintenance:

If you want, we can even maintain the plant to keep it in good condition so that it keeps generating power at an optimum capacity.

We could be your trusted partners If you want to take a plunge into solar. We are resourceful enough to give a concrete shape to your solar ambitions in a flawless manner.

Who We Are?

Twikon power is founded by ambitious technopreneurs, who want to make a mark in renewable technologies. We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company that offers end-to-end installation solutions right from the conception to the completion of the project.

Twikon has the expertise in building solar parks that cater to the power requirements of many manufacturing facilities throughout India. We have state- of the-art designs, technology and systems to set up highly efficient, cost- effective and durable industrial solar systems that can function at their optimum capacity and meet your power requirements in the years to come.

Solar Energy Solutions

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