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Ground Mounted Solar Panel System and Installation

Ground Mounted solar installations conjure up an image of large tracts of land dominated by numerous solar panels. They not only power commercial buildings and factories but also enable the businesses to go green paving the way for sustainable growth.

As the interest and appetite for solar energy grows in India, we see several landowners warming up to the idea of setting up ground-mounted solar power plants on their land to get attractive incomes by entering into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Solar rooftop solutions have limited power generation capacity as the rooftop space available is limited. But the ground mounted solutions have enormous capacity if the people who own large swathes of land opt to use their land for setting up solar power plants.

Normally one needs around five acres of land to set up 1MW plant. Therefore, using an empty land to set up a ground mounted solar power plant is an attractive investment option which could generate great returns for the landowners.

Progressing from Ideation to Actuation

Twikon, an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company with enriching experience and expertise in setting up ground mounted solar power plants, offers end to-end services in setting up your ground-mounted solar plant.

When a ground mounting project kicks off, the project passes through some phases that dictate the speed and efficiency with which the project is readied for commission.

  • Site Allocation and Survey

Once the land for the setting of the plant is allotted, and your power consumption needs are ascertained, a detailed site survey is carried out by our team.

  • Design of the Project

During the site visit, our design and engineering team takes in to account all the characteristics of the site, including the levelling requirements of the land, to create the design of the project.

A solar installation design furnishes the details of the plant capacity along with electrical components, modules and physical structures that are required to set up the plant.

  • Handing over the design to project team

Once approved, the engineering design is handed over to the project team, which will execute the project and deliver it to the client within the time frame agreed upon.

  • Maintenance

Regular cleaning of the panels and checking the growth of plants and other obstacles that block the sunshine need to be carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the plant.

Types of Ground Mount Installations

By choosing the right mixture of technology and systems we can set up efficient solar power plants and even use the land in an optimum manner. When design and technology work in tandem we can realize these efficiencies.

  • Module Canopies

This type of installation is ideal to maximize the usage of land. The solar panels are installed significantly above the surface of the ground thus forming a canopy- like structure. And the space under the canopy could be used for different purposes such as car parking.

  • Conventional systems

These are the most commonly found systems wherein ramming or a pile foundation may be employed to deploy the weight-bearing structures on the ground. The support structure not only bears the weight of the solar panels but also clasps them at a certain tilt to capture the sunshine.

Choosing the right type of foundation is vital as it determines the strength and stability of the systems. We can help you choose the right systems based on your requirements.

  • Tracking systems

Our state-of-the-art solar installations are fitted with trackers that allow the solar panels to follow the sun throughout the day. These trackers enable the panels to capture the sunlight in an optimum manner maximizing their power generation capacity.

Why Twikon

Ground-mounted solar plants, in addition to being an immensely important investments in clean energy, also generate savings for businesses. As they reduce the operational costs of large power consumers with sparse maintenance, they are becoming an attractive investment option for landowners.

So, if you want to go big on your solar dreams, choose Twikon. We have the right mixture of designs, technology and systems to give a concrete shape to your sustainability efforts.

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