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Energy is the most important driver of humankind. Without it, the entire economy comes to a standstill and the human progress comes to a screeching halt. Therefore, the production of energy is the most important prerequisite for running our livelihoods.

Humanity banked on fossil fuels to meet their energy requirements for long. As fossil fuels are non-renewable in nature and cause irreparable damage to the earth’s natural ecosystems, people started treating them as dirty fuels.

These days not even a day goes by without reading or hearing about how our environment is getting polluted and how climate change is wreaking havoc with our lives. These alarming realities have given rise to new movements and activism, which are challenging the status quo and forcing the world to rethink its energy strategies.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar power has emerged as one of the most important components of green technologies. As non-renewable energy sources such as hydrocarbons are proving to be a bane, which makes all our developmental activities highly unsustainable in the long run, people all over the world are looking towards sustainable energy sources, especially solar power.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Being a renewable energy source, it never gets exhausted.
  • It does not cause pollution as there are zero emissions.
  • It keeps our development sustainable.
  • As it is eco-friendly, it improves our quality of life.
  • Once installed, its maintenance costs are negligible.

India - A Sunshine Country

A major part of India, especially South India, falls in between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, and hence endowed with the rich natural resource called sunshine. Therefore, India has the greatest potential to tap solar energy to meet its energy requirements.

Solar power is the fastest growing renewable technology industry in India. According to the Ministry of New Renewable Energy, India’s solar installed capacity reached 31.696 GW as of 31 October 2019.

It is also worth noting that India is at the vanguard of promoting green technologies. The alliance aims to encourage the world to turn towards renewable energy through rapid and massive deployment of solar energy systems.

Types of Solar Energy

There are two major technologies that enable us to harness solar energy.

  • Photovoltaic solar technology: This technology captures sunlight by using photovoltaic panels made of semiconductor cells and converts it into electricity. These panels could be mounted on rooftops and unused empty spaces.
  • Solar Thermal Technology: This technology enables us to capture the sun’s heat, which could either be used directly for a variety of purposes or could even be converted into mechanical energy, which in turn could be used to produce electricity.

Solar Energy Consulting Services

Once you decide to go solar, you may find yourself in a quandary as to what type of system to choose. Twikon offers a variety of solar energy systems to meet your needs. So, let’s look at the different types of systems.

  • Grid-Tied System / On-Grid System: Under this system solar panels are connected directly to the power grid. This system enables you to actually sell the power it generates to offset your energy costs.
  • Off-grid system: Under this system, the power generated by the solar panels is stored in a bank of batteries. The batteries then power your home. These off-grid systems are ideal for remote areas with no access to utility power.
  • A grid-tied system with battery backup / Hybrid System: Hybrid solar systems are a Combination of On and Off-grid systems. These systems not only generate electricity but also store it in batteries. When batteries are full, the excess power is fed into the grid. When the grid supply fails, the electricity stored in batteries keeps the home appliances functioning thus ensuring uninterrupted power.

How Twikon Can Help You?

Twikon, being one of the premier solar energy solutions companies in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, provides efficient and cost-effective solar energy services. We offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for solar systems and help you in deploying optimized and reliable solar systems that could effectively cater to your energy needs.

Solar Energy Business Plan

Once you decide to embark on a solar journey, we can guide you through a five -step path to empower your solar ambitions.

1. Providing you with Information

People naturally resist change in their lives and hence going solar requires motivation. Therefore, we feel that providing our customers with the required information is the first step in preparing them to tap solar energy.

Once our customers feel persuaded that solar energy is a sustainable lifestyle investment, they readily take a plunge into it. And Twikon is here to ensure that their solar journey is enriching and hassle-free.

2. Identifying Your Requirements and Constraints

Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer, there is a likelihood of you having to deal with high power bills or frequent power cuts or both. Identifying your energy requirements and exploring the resources at your disposal to tap solar power are the next steps involved.

We help you in evaluating different technologies and systems to enable you choose the best option to go solar.

3. Deciding on the optimum size

Once you narrow in on your requirements, we conceptualize an optimum-sized solar power plant to effectively meet your requirements.

4. Getting Your Net-Metering Approval

We communicate and coordinate with your power distribution company to ensure you get the net-metering approvals as soon as possible.

5. Installation and Switch On

We will install the solar power plant either on your rooftop or any other place of your choice and make it fully functional. If you want, you can opt for our maintenance package so that you can relax and pay attention to your core businesses.

So, what’s stopping you? Embark on a sustainable lifestyle journey by tapping solar energy. We, at Twikon, are committed to making your solar ambitions fructify in a simple and hassle-free manner.

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