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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is an abundantly available renewable energy resource. When we talk about business the first thing that comes to our mind is consumerism. Many environmentalists feel that the humanity, in its pursuit of material things, is overexploiting our natural resources which is leading to their exhaustion.

But solar energy is one natural resource that will never get exhausted and does not have any carbon footprint.

As most of the commercial buildings depend heavily on electricity to meet their energy needs, and the consumption of power in most of them during the daytime is much higher, solar energy is ideally suited to cater to their energy needs.

Offices and businesses can deploy solar photo voltaic panels on their rooftops to generate power to meet their energy needs.

As the prices of the solar panels are coming down due to the mass production, greater efficiencies in manufacturing, and ever-increasing competition in the sector, the cost involved in installing solar systems is gradually coming down making solar an attractive investment option.

Commercial establishments including Educational institutions such as schools and colleges, hospitals, corporate offices, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants can opt for solar power to save on their power bills and go green.

Features of Commercial Solar Energy System:

  • Commercial solar systems can be installed on rooftops.
  • The solar panels generate enough power during the day.
  • As commercial solar systems are very strong and breakdowns are rare, they require very little maintenance.
  • They have a long lifespan (around 25 years). Post-installation the electricity generated by the system is completely free.

Advantages of Commercial Solar Systems

Solar rooftop solutions can help you meet the energy requirements of your commercial building to a significant extent and in many cases, the usage of solar energy may itself become an income-generating activity as surplus power could be sold back to the grid.

Installing rooftop solar systems to generate solar energy for your commercial building is also a great way to showcase your commitment to climate change mitigation.

It also enhances your organization’s reputation among the stakeholders as a green company.

Switching over to solar and generating on-site power from the abundant and inexhaustive sunshine can bring down the operating costs of the commercial establishments.

Why Twikon Consulting Services?

Twikon has the experience and expertise in setting up solar energy systems to cater to the power requirements of many commercial establishments throughout India.

We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company that offers end-to-end solutions right from the conception to the completion of the project.

Our design engineers and technicians have enriching experience and expertise in setting up solar rooftop systems for commercial establishments. They are recognized for their impeccable designs and flawless execution.

We have state-of-the-art designs, technology and systems to set up highly efficient, cost-effective and durable commercial solar systems that can function at their optimum capacity to meet your power requirement in the years to come.

Solar Energy Solutions

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