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Commercial Interior Architecture & Design Services

Commercial buildings are very different from homes or other residential structures and have different design and execution needs. A plush, gleaming and comfortable commercial space entices shoppers and provides them with a delightful shopping experience. Aesthetically appealing interiors also go a long way in retaining customer loyalty.

Interior Design

Commercial buildings are used for some sort of business purpose such as a bank, a showroom, a warehouse, a retail, a farmland, a departmental store, an office or a restaurant.

People often say that the key to a successful business is location. However, even if your business is located in a very busy area, if its interiors are not well thought out, it will fall flat. Designing and building interiors is the art of balancing functional needs and aesthetic preferences inside a structure.

After all, the purpose of a building is really defined by its interior, not its exterior.

Function of Commercial Buildings:

Commercial interior designers design the interiors of commercial spaces such as banks, shopping malls and showrooms in such a way that enhances the basic functions or purpose of those spaces. Commercial structures have a particular purpose: they help businesses make money.

Therefore, the interior designer balances the commercial building’s functional needs in terms of physical space and its aesthetics to make shopping or user experience pleasing and comfortable. Providing a delightful customer experience is the first step towards building a lucrative business.

Optimizing the Physical Space:

When looking at interiors, we can talk about two main things: the use of physical space and aesthetics. Space needs to be usable for both employees and customers in order to maximize profits.

Designing usable space will change based on the needs of the building. An office building needs to fit multiple cubicles into a shared area but not pack them so tightly as to decrease productivity.

A department store needs space for window displays, trial rooms, cash counters as well as space for merchandise. Restaurants need large scale kitchens, Ambience and the dining rooms should have enough tables to make a profit but not so many as to create a congested and unpleasant experience for the diners. The interior designer is in charge of utilizing space in the most effective way.

Unlike the average residential structure, commercial buildings have unique infrastructural needs. Restaurants need large scale kitchens, department stores need elevators and escalators, and offices need parking space.

In places such as retail stores and restaurants, customers only see a portion of the total space. Storage rooms and service areas need to be accessible to employees but invisible to customers. All these factors present some challenges when organizing the commercial interiors. However, if handled correctly, they greatly increase the effectiveness of the structure.

Enhancing the Aesthetics

Besides the organization of space, interior designers are also concerned about aesthetics. Again, commercial structures may represent unique challenges. Many places, like department stores, are very large, and creating a uniform aesthetics throughout can be difficult.

Additionally, companies may have very specific regulations. Therefore, all these needs and specifications have to be factored in while designing and building the interiors. A simple yet elegant interiors that enhance the shopping experience of customers could be the best way to achieve the intended result.

How Twikon Can Make a Difference?

Twikon’s interior design services include incorporating storage units, painting and wall papers, false ceilings, entertainment units, furniture and accessories and other host of features into your interiors.

Twikon’s Interior designing and execution services use state of the art 2D, 3D and rendering technologies to visualize the elegant designs and executes the designs through its interior services in an impeccable manner.

We have the rich expertise in designing and executing commercial interiors. Our sophisticated design acumen and execution abilities can transform your commercial buildings into refined and elegant business spaces that not only elevate the shopping experience of your customers but also build a loyal customer base for your business.

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